Left 4 dead is dead and Valve hates you

6 November, 2008 (13:56) | Game industry, Rants | 4 comments

Even before the game is released Valve decided to kill the multiplayer part of the game:


Left 4 Dead will use the new matchmaking system we’ve been working on.

The new matchmaking system replaces the traditional server browser.  By running

Serverbrowser censorship

14 October, 2007 (16:37) | Game industry |

A few days ago it became clear Valve actively filters the ingame serverbrowser on specific parameters disallowing any gameserver they dislike. In this specific case Valve filters out any gameserver larger than 24 slots for the game Team Fortress 2. …

Gaming Season 2007/2008 opened

25 July, 2007 (11:21) | Game industry | 3 comments

Yes, gaming season 2007/2008 is coming closer every day. In the next few months 6 huge multiplayer games will hit the stores:

New distribution model for online games

17 January, 2007 (22:58) | Game industry | 1 comment

One of the issues a lot of game publishers have to deal with is the distribution of their games, patches and demos. Large publishers work with a load balanced geographical dispersed solution (ex. largedownloads.ea.com). Others use a single download location …

The future of online games (2)

16 January, 2007 (20:08) | Game industry | 1 comment

In yesterdays post I discussed the biggest problem in the online game industry. Today I will discuss a solution that has already been put into practice by two publishers.

Licensing: new developments

EA (Electronic Arts) started in the summer of …