Three nights in New York

29 August, 2007 (14:12) | Business as usual, Hosting industry, Travelling! |

This Saturday I will fly to New York again for a quick meeting with a game publisher and the developers of one of their big upcoming games.

This time NY is all about business ­čÖé…

Hosting XBOX360 and PS3 gameservers

18 August, 2007 (17:18) | Game industry, Hosting industry |

With the growing console market, hosting console gameservers is a very wise decision considering the number of console gamers is growing faster than pc-gamers and the gameserver hosting is a b2b transaction instead of b2c. Console gamers pay for their …

Microsoft and pc gaming (2)

12 August, 2007 (14:03) | Business as usual, Game industry |

Yesterday I wrote about Microsoft and pc gaming. Today I read news article on Slashdot about DirectX 10.1. This new version of DirectX 10 will add XAudio2 to the pc. XAudio2 is used on the XBOX 360 for sound …

Microsoft and pc gaming

11 August, 2007 (14:57) | Business as usual, Game industry | 1 comment

Microsoft used to publish nice PC games like Age of Empires. Over the last years Microsoft failed to publish any big pc game. The strategy to focus on the console gaming,┬ávery profitable in theory, has affected the time and …

Gamehosting in 2012

11 August, 2007 (14:13) | Game industry |

In five years, gaming will be:

  • Cross-platform enabled: play on your pc against xbox4 and playstation┬á5 gamers
  • Integrated voice- and videochat in multiplayer games
  • All games will feature online rankings to boost multiplayer gameplay
  • Multi-core enabled: no more single

Leading the way to a better customer experience (1)

25 July, 2007 (15:30) | Game industry |

Competition is very heavy in the online services market, especially for┬áB2C targeting customers.┬áMany┬áservice providers┬áfollow a price competition marketing strategy: they try to distinguish their service on the basis of low price. There is very little product …