Hosting ethics: what’s up with gamehosting?

8 August, 2007 (12:23) | Game industry, Rants | 4 comments

So the other day I was browsing the regular game sites looking for something new and I was astonished  to find out popular Dutch index website removed a link to our company website from their gameserver related subsite

The future of online games (2)

16 January, 2007 (20:08) | Game industry | 1 comment

In yesterdays post I discussed the biggest problem in the online game industry. Today I will discuss a solution that has already been put into practice by two publishers.

Licensing: new developments

EA (Electronic Arts) started in the summer of …

The future of online games (1)

15 January, 2007 (12:20) | Game industry | 1 comment

Given the current market, a market filled with lots of small gamehosters and a few bigger professional ones, the question is not ‘if the market will change’ but ‘when does the market change’.

The situation nowadays

Nowadays the quality of …