How does packet loss affect all players across the network?

15 March, 2009 (18:41) | Game industry |

Well, here you see the worst caste scenario.

The Battlefield 2 Ranked game servers maintain a constant connection to the EA/GameSpy backend for stats processing.

If this connection is interrupted, all players are dropped, the game servers crash. Not just to host Race 07 worldwide

8 November, 2007 (14:17) | Business as usual, Game industry | 2 comments

Last Wednesday, gameserver provider (GSP) Interactive 3D and game developer SimBin, signed a exclusive hosting agreement for SimBin’s newest game title “RACE 07 – The Official WTCC Game”. Interactive 3D ( will be the worldwide ‘Official SIMBIN

Bigger is better; why do some developers go the wrong way?

14 October, 2007 (17:08) | Game industry |

Rumors say Battlefield 3 will support up to 40 people per team. With two teams in each online play, the server supports 80 people. The more players, the bigger the server, the better.

Gameserver with a large number of slots …

Gaming Season 2007/2008 opened

25 July, 2007 (11:21) | Game industry | 3 comments

Yes, gaming season 2007/2008 is coming closer every day. In the next few months 6 huge multiplayer games will hit the stores:

The future of online games (2)

16 January, 2007 (20:08) | Game industry | 1 comment

In yesterdays post I discussed the biggest problem in the online game industry. Today I will discuss a solution that has already been put into practice by two publishers.

Licensing: new developments

EA (Electronic Arts) started in the summer of …

The future of online games (1)

15 January, 2007 (12:20) | Game industry | 1 comment

Given the current market, a market filled with lots of small gamehosters and a few bigger professional ones, the question is not ‘if the market will change’ but ‘when does the market change’.

The situation nowadays

Nowadays the quality of …