Microsoft and pc gaming

11 August, 2007 (14:57) | Business as usual, Game industry | 1 comment

Microsoft used to publish nice PC games like Age of Empires. Over the last years Microsoft failed to publish any big pc game. The strategy to focus on the console gaming, very profitable in theory, has affected the time and …

Gamehosting in 2012

11 August, 2007 (14:13) | Game industry |

In five years, gaming will be:

  • Cross-platform enabled: play on your pc against xbox4 and playstation 5 gamers
  • Integrated voice- and videochat in multiplayer games
  • All games will feature online rankings to boost multiplayer gameplay
  • Multi-core enabled: no more single

The future of online games (2)

16 January, 2007 (20:08) | Game industry | 1 comment

In yesterdays post I discussed the biggest problem in the online game industry. Today I will discuss a solution that has already been put into practice by two publishers.

Licensing: new developments

EA (Electronic Arts) started in the summer of …

The future of online games (1)

15 January, 2007 (12:20) | Game industry | 1 comment

Given the current market, a market filled with lots of small gamehosters and a few bigger professional ones, the question is not ‘if the market will change’ but ‘when does the market change’.

The situation nowadays

Nowadays the quality of …