Six times around the world (almost)

16 September, 2009 (14:03) | Travelling! |

I’ve signed up on FlightMemory to keep track of the many flights I made in the past years. It generates some cool statistics and graphs:

56 flights
In Kilometer   236,947
Earth Circumnavigation 5.91 x
Distance to the Moon  0.616 x…

Back to NY

7 March, 2009 (20:23) | Travelling! |

The big fish we caught tasted great. Almost 25 miles of the coast and in a growing storm it was a nice trip with the many fish we found in the waters. Some were following the boat, that was a …

Snow in NY

1 March, 2009 (11:31) | Travelling! | 1 comment

Waking up 4 am in a snowy New York. Delta mails the flight will depart 15 minutes early.…

On my way to the States

28 February, 2009 (09:41) | Travelling! |

For business and pleasure I’m flying this Saturday morning to NY! There is a delay already; the tail of the 757 seems to be damaged and a part of it is being replaced at the gate.

More bad news; Delta …

This city is great

15 August, 2008 (21:01) | Business as usual, Travelling! | 2 comments

Today I visited our friends at Kaos and walked back from 27th to 42nd PA. The weather is great, a little hot and smoggy but everything is better than a Dutch summer!

So it begins

14 August, 2008 (09:55) | Travelling! | 1 comment

At the amsterdam airport: