Six times around the world (almost)

16 September, 2009 (14:03) | Travelling! |

I’ve signed up on FlightMemory to keep track of the many flights I made in the past years. It generates some cool statistics and graphs:

56 flights
In Kilometer   236,947
Earth Circumnavigation 5.91 x
Distance to the Moon  0.616 x…

Back from Hawaii

23 March, 2007 (12:01) | Travelling! |

… and it was great! Three weeks spend on the islands of Kauai, Niihau and Oahu.

We skipped most parts of Honolulu, the concrete jungle, and headed out for the north of Oahu, with it’s beautiful beaches. The island of …

Amsterdam, New York, Honolulu

18 February, 2007 (23:07) | Travelling! | 1 comment

Tomorrow morning I’ll travel from Amsterdam to New York, pick up my girl and together we’ll fly to Honolulu!

Bye all, I’ll be back in a few weeks 😉

Hotel @ Oahu Hotel @ Oahu from above