Let it snow

21 December, 2009 (13:38) | Travelling! |

We’re not used to having snow in Rotterdam. This is how I found my car this morning:

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European cars vs American cars

18 January, 2009 (22:25) | Rants |

Well, both cars in this photo are made in Asia, but they are both designed for a different market. People in the States ask me quite often how good European cars are. They heard stories about good mileage and reliability. …

New car: Infiniti FX 35

27 October, 2008 (14:30) | Business as usual |

I bought a new car last week: the Infiniti FX35. Powered by a 3.5L v6 engine this car offer a good driving experience. Downside is the high gas consumption and I paid over 175 Euros for gas in the first …