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i3D says “FireDaemon is the heart of all our software”

4 July, 2011 (17:17) | Business as usual, Hosting industry |

Europe’s Premier Co-location and Game Service Provider i3D says “FireDaemon is the heart of all our software”
Interactive 3D ( is the largest game hoster in Europe with a 36,000 sq. ft. datacenter in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They have …

More paperwork

1 July, 2011 (14:33) | Business as usual, Hosting industry |

The holding company now participates in a number of promising companies such as These companies provide value to end-users and resellers currently being served by

The paperwork involved in the setup and organization of each and every participation …

New suite, new racks, new servers

8 February, 2011 (16:50) | Business as usual, Game industry, Hosting industry |

The datacenter technicians are racking new HP servers in our newest suite at the SmartDC datacenter in Rotterdam. This new high density suite houses 32 racks each with 44 1u servers, totalling 1408 servers. All racks have 96 switch …

New fibers at SmartDC: Dataport of Rotterdam

11 January, 2011 (15:12) | Hosting industry |

Fiber operators are adding new fiber paths to SmartDC, one of the bigger Rotterdam datacenters. The newly build meet-me-room is also filling up nicely.

#gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%;… achieves CDSA accreditation

8 November, 2010 (19:13) | Business as usual, Hosting industry | passed another audit. The CDSA audit focused on (physical) security.

Interactive 3D ( achieved CDSA accreditation in the content protection and security program. This accreditation is based on a number of audits of the physical infrastructure and all software

One thousand new servers

1 November, 2010 (18:20) | Game industry, Hosting industry |

Hosting provider recently installed one thousand new servers in the SmartDC Rotterdam data center. More than 75% of these servers is an HP hardware configuration. choose HP as a second brand to it’s growing server base. Together with …