i3D says “FireDaemon is the heart of all our software”

4 July, 2011 (17:17) | Business as usual, Hosting industry

Europe’s Premier Co-location and Game Service Provider i3D says “FireDaemon is the heart of all our software”
Interactive 3D (i3D.net) is the largest game hoster in Europe with a 36,000 sq. ft. datacenter in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They have 4000 servers in Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney and Washington DC. i3D is an Electronic Arts Trusted Partner and hosts various game-community websites and events. Next to gaming services, they also offer dedicated servers and co-location in their Rotterdam facility.

Over 1,000,000 gamers log on daily on i3D game servers. They own over 4,000 latest generation Intel Xeon servers and use both Windows 2008 and Linux. i3D hosts over 15,000 game and voice servers and are expanding rapidly. i3D reported 844% growth over the past years.

The Challenge
This new world arose from a basic desire, to control costs and ensure security and dependability. With the exponential growth of i3D, they needed to handle more and more clients and servers every day. The expansion meant an increase in customer support. With the high number of users, the greatest challenge for Stijn Koster, i3D’s CEO, was keeping up with the ever increasing number of resource issues and administration costs.

i3D uses an in-house developed Control Panel for total control on all their game, voice and web servers. “The challenge was to automate this process in order to lower and minimize our maintenance costs” said Stijn. “Network stability and uptime is foremost to our business”.

The Solution
The most important selling point of FireDaemon was its individuality and ease of use. “FireDaemon made it possible to automate a lot of work and is the direct result of a lower load on our support team”.
FireDaemon is a quick start for their in-house developed Control Panel Software. i3D have saved on a lot of development time and cost by implementing FireDaemon in January 2006, instead of building their own in-house solution. “FireDaemon is stable, fast and uses almost no resources. FireDaemon is unique and we are unable to find one single product with the same capabilities”.
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“FireDaemon is the heart of all of our software”


With FireDaemon, i3D are able to automate a lot of standard jobs. They have tripled their completed support work with the same support staff in the last few months of installation. This accomplishment has helped i3D concentrate on what it does best: providing a cost effective, secure, stable and resilient network services to their clients.

About FireDaemon Technologies Limited FireDaemon Technologies Limited, based in Cambridge, UK is the world leader in service management solutions for Microsoft Windows and has been providing software solutions to the industry since 1996. FireDaemon Technologies Limited, a privately held corporation, has been successful in identifying market needs and providing tools to meet those needs including commercial and FOSS products such as FireDaemon Lite, FireDaemon Pro, FireDaemon Fusion, PanelDaemon and daeMON. More information on FireDaemon Technologies Limited is available at FireDaemon.com.

Source: http://www.firedaemon.com/pdf/i3d-case-study.pdf