How does packet loss affect all players across the network?

15 March, 2009 (18:41) | Game industry

Well, here you see the worst caste scenario.

The Battlefield 2 Ranked game servers maintain a constant connection to the EA/GameSpy backend for stats processing.

If this connection is interrupted, all players are dropped, the game servers crash. Not just one game servers, but all game servers running Battlefield 2 in Ranked mode. Yesterday we experienced such a crash when both Savvis (used in Amsterdam network) and Level3 showed packet loss on the last hops in LA USA, just before the GameSpy backend. The graph also shows how  Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield Heroes (both ranked games) are unaffected. The packet loss started just after 8 pm and was resolved around 9:40 pm last night.

Packet loss to master server

Packet loss to master server