On my way to the States

28 February, 2009 (09:41) | Travelling!

For business and pleasure I’m flying this Saturday morning to NY! There is a delay already; the tail of the 757 seems to be damaged and a part of it is being replaced at the gate.

More bad news; Delta will close their Amsterdam desk and flights will be shared with KLM starting April 1st.

Gate g8 at Amsterdam airport gives a panorama view of the runway and it is impressive to see the big 747 planes landing.

Tomorrow I will fly from JFK to the US virgin islands for a short mini break.

The last weeks have been pretty hectic. We contracted a number of publishers and development studios. We also had the launch of the open beta of a new multiplayer game by ID Software, more on that will follow. To top that up, we are also in the preparations for the launch of one of the bigger multiplayer games scheduled to launch in the near future.