Left 4 dead is dead and Valve hates you

6 November, 2008 (13:56) | Game industry, Rants

Even before the game is released Valve decided to kill the multiplayer part of the game:


Left 4 Dead will use the new matchmaking system we’ve been working on.

The new matchmaking system replaces the traditional server browser.  By running a public dedicated server your server will be added to a list of servers available for clients to use when playing.  Games are started from a Game Lobby by clients, who are then connected to a dedicated server when they start the game.  When they’re done, your server is added back to the list of available servers.  Clients will be able to “Quick Match”, “Play Online”, and “Play With Friends” when they want to play a game.



-Eric Smith (erics@valvesoftware.com)


Valve hates you
They must think you’re too dumb and stupid to choose your own server. What you end up is a “smart algorithm” designed to connect a player to other players and the server. What it also means: you have no control over your online multiplayer experience. Want to play on a regular server with the same crowd every day, the community experience? Unless you add all people to your friends list you’re out of luck. Also Valve decided you’re not allowed to think for yourself and they will pick the server for you.

The matchmaking system is used on low-level games on the consoles, where servers are nothing more than players running the game on their console. For the PC this is only used on games that do not have dedicated servers like the Command & Conquer series.

Valve used to support servers pretty good. They are still releasing updates for games like Counter Strike 1.6 and CS: Source. With Left 4 Dead they clearly fail to live up to their standards. There are so many zombie communities for Zombie Mod, Zombie Master, Zombie Run and other zombie Source modifications. The i3D.net community is one of the largest zombie communities out there with 25 servers online and multiple servers in the global top 100. If the community cannot host their own game servers, cannot manage and cannot ingame admin these servers, there is no point of playing this game.

Our servers have a large number of regulars, around 50 admins from 3 continents and a huge fanbase of ex-admins, regular players and fans. I think we’ll pass this game and won’t bother supporting it unless Valve decides to support the online communities all over the world by giving them more control over their own community game servers.

– Stewie


Comment from Puffles
Date: November 6, 2008, 3:19 PM

I’m sure there will be a way of choosing the server you want to play on. Besides, even if there’s not, the praise this game has been getting just makes it too good to pass up. Here’s just one example:

“Left 4 Dead is absolute chaos. It is intense, fast-paced, thrilling, exhilarating, and exhausting. It is everything you could ever hope for a game to be and more – every single expectation I had for the game was blown away entirely. I was literally in awe over how fun and unique of an experience it offered and I have to say that it was honestly the best gaming experience I’ve had in my life.

We as gamers seem to hear this kind of sensationalism for unreleased games far too often, and believe me that I too have been the victim of such unwarranted hype – but I promise you that these are not empty words. This game is truly original and it offers up a pure gaming experience. Everything in Left 4 Dead is geared towards reaching that mindset of pure gaming bliss. It is challenging, and you will fail. You will scream, curse, laugh and cry, and love every single second of it.”

Comment from lol-lol-lol
Date: November 12, 2008, 12:23 AM

make your server sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

and type openserverbrowser in console from client

and you will get the traditional server list.

Comment from Cisco
Date: November 23, 2008, 10:08 AM

DUH wow whoever wrote that shit about left4dead is like retarded.. noobs that dont kno how to use the console these days lmao. Well its good that most of the players on left4dead r gonna be hardcore gamers instead of dumb noobs like Stewie. Maybe Valve is rite about thinking YOUR stupid but everyone else is fine. p.s. u make me hate stewie from family guy now

Comment from xamox
Date: March 2, 2009, 4:48 AM

I was frustrated with this as well. You have to enable the console in the key bindings. Once enabled you can hit ~ at anytime, then type “openserverbrowser”. I know the guys post above thinks he is “1337 h4x0r” because he knows how to use the console and apparently is the mastermind behind the intrawebs. My guess is he is a 15 year old who’s momma just doesn’t love him enough and has to lash out at the world instead of just helping you solve the problem; apparently he must have looked for the solution as well and came across your blog as I did. Instead of being a man about it he has to act like a complete tool yet can’t even spell the fucking word right (rite), says the word n00b, and other ridiculous claims instead of using a spell check. At least stewie has enough brains to know that most internet browsers have spell check built into them now and can use correct grammar.