THQ: Dedicated XBOX360 servers in upcoming beta

21 December, 2007 (23:35) | Game industry


And Kaos Studios have been listening to your feedback…

Xbox 360 owners were able to get an early taste of Frontlines: Fuel of War’s single player mode thanks to last week’s demo, but the question most people have been asking us is ‘Why isn’t there a multiplayer demo?’ Given Kaos Studios’ heritage, and the fact that Frontlines has been designed to deliver epic multiplayer gameplay supporting 32 players over Xbox LIVE in gigantic open world environments packed with next-gen weapons, drones and vehicles, that’s a pretty good question…

So we’re happy to report that a Multiplayer demo is indeed on its way to Xbox LIVE in the New Year, with a number of substantial improvements to graphics, performance and controls. Kaos have been listening very closely to feedback since the release of the single-player demo, and the results should be immediately apparent. Specifically, a slicker, consistent frame rate combined with additional graphical oomph as the code is polished for a February release date, together with a substantial improvement to the control scheme and stick sensitivity.

For a full run-down of improvements, check out Kaos Studio’s official comment to here . If you have any feedback to add regarding the Beta or Demo, head over to the Kaos community forums here


Great news, I am looking forward to the first reviews of Xbox360 players. Frontlines: Fuel of War will be the first game supporting such large battles on the Xbox360 network.