One game, two gamers

14 September, 2007 (14:53) | Game industry

Crysis released a press announcement yesterday which shed some light on the multiplayer servers of this new upcoming EA game.

Rather than providing the community partially working features we limit this for the DX10 version only. Due to the strong hardware available with DX10, server load is less and performance is increased. This ensures the pure physics and day and night cycle experience without any limitation.

Gamers with a DX10 card are able to play on DX9 servers, but with the limitation of the respective server. Vice versa it is not possible for gamers with DX9 cards to play on DX10 servers due to the limited features.”

There is a big downside on this issue. DirectX10 is only available on Windows Vista AND your videocard has to support it. This will divide the Vista gamer from the Windows XP gamer and split the community in half. I am wondering what will happen to competitive gaming, most likely clan gamers will play DirectX9 matches as Vista is highly disliked in the professional gaming scene. As for public gaming, the DirectX10 servers will become some kind of ‘premium’ servers, but will be really hard to fill unlike the DirectX9 servers, that allow anyone to join!