Gamehosting in 2012

11 August, 2007 (14:13) | Game industry

In five years, gaming will be:

  • Cross-platform enabled: play on your pc against xbox4 and playstation 5 gamers
  • Integrated voice- and videochat in multiplayer games
  • All games will feature online rankings to boost multiplayer gameplay
  • Multi-core enabled: no more single core applications! More power for advanced AI and physics
  • Paid by subscription on a monthly basis per game (pc) or platform (MS/Sony)
  • PC-only games will focus even stronger on the modding community
  • Apple will intoduce their own Wii-like console: casual games and technology with style
  • Developers and publishers will have found a way to attract more girls to gaming: play The Sims online in a MMORPG connected to social networking sites and chat
  • xFire will have to compete with Microsoft Live Messenger for Gamers
  • Game publishers and news websites like IGN will try to get a spot in the console interfaces: their only PoP right now is on the internet and console gamers do no tend do browse online on their console/TV.
  • Ingame advertisement will be redrawn: no more static banners, but ingame video advertisement during the pre-loading of a new round and while waiting to (re)spawn