Leading the way to a better customer experience (1)

25 July, 2007 (15:30) | Game industry

Competition is very heavy in the online services market, especially for B2C targeting customers. Many service providers follow a price competition marketing strategy: they try to distinguish their service on the basis of low price. There is very little product differentiation possible as most core services have been standardized. There is a constant price war, especially in the low end market.

For gameserver providers (GSPs) this has a direct negative consequence on performance, quality and continuity. In the gameserver market, a company can stand out when focusing on non-price competition: distinguish your services on the basis of quality and performance of the services; examples are customer support, uptime, performance and automation. Instead of calling this a ‘marketing strategy’, it should be the companies belief, the companies motto, it’s long-term focus.
I have a strong believe our growth in market-share over the last years is a direct consequence from the heavy investment in quality of service.

Optimising in a nutshell

The quality and performance variables can be optimised, but require great investment: 

  • Make sure there is always enough capacity in every aspect (hardware, software, connection/bandwidth, personnel)
  • Monitor service levels; monitor uptime, continuity, wait times, support throughput, etc
  • Invest in customer self-service by automation

Let’s bring theory into practice.

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