Gaming Season 2007/2008 opened

25 July, 2007 (11:21) | Game industry

Yes, gaming season 2007/2008 is coming closer every day. In the next few months 6 huge multiplayer games will hit the stores:

I am professionally looking forward to Quake Wars, Crysis and Call of Duty 4. TF2 will be a  very unique game, too bad it’s only sold with HL2.  The first three games will feature perstitant statistics, much like Battlefield 2 introduced to the public. I am looking forward to work with Activision and EA, and their developers IW and Crytek. Already we have a very warm contact with SplashDamage, developer of QuakeWars. Those guys know what they are doing, and take their time in their commitment to quality.

Valve really wants to push both games. The episodic content is much less sold as expected, and it takes too long before a new episode is released. It’s not a new game, but they certainly take their time. They will push TF2 now the same as they tried to push CSS and DoD: Source earlier. Where CSS became a hit, Day of Defeat Source flopped. 
With Half Life 2 & Episode 2 and TF2 combined in one package, it seems Valve is trying to sell more copies of HL2. TF2 has the potential to become a big hit, even without pushing it to die hard HL2 gamers.
Now STEAM opens up to more and more developers and publishers, it’s ironic Valve is the only publisher who’s selling their products in forced combined packages.


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Comment from sayed
Date: October 12, 2007, 2:15 PM

You forgot to mention Mass Effect and Army of Two. Those look great as well.

Comment from Laser Engraver
Date: December 26, 2008, 4:50 AM

thank you