Back from Hawaii

23 March, 2007 (12:01) | Travelling!

… and it was great! Three weeks spend on the islands of Kauai, Niihau and Oahu.

We skipped most parts of Honolulu, the concrete jungle, and headed out for the north of Oahu, with it’s beautiful beaches. The island of Kauai was the most beautiful island this trip. It has a beautiful wildlife and nature. The roads are empty, the beaches are beautiful white and the water is so clear you can see at least 6 feet.

We also took the helicopter to Niihau. This was the experience of a lifetime. The island is completely empty, except for thousands of wild animals and 150 native Hawaiians. The beaches were full with the most beautiful shells, the ocean was full with fish and dolphins and we circled over a bay where 30 sharks were mating.